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Public Schools

Public education is the cornerstone of our communities.

My years on the Glen Ellyn School District 41 Board of Education taught me how much our schools depend on the State of Illinois to meet the needs of our children and our teachers – and how badly our state government is doing when it comes to meeting its responsibilities to us and our children.

As your State Representative, I was proud to join colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass a balanced budget that provided $375 million in new funding to Illinois schools, When we fund our schools, we’re making an investment in the future that helps everyone in Illinois, because those kids grow up to be our employees – and sometimes our bosses. That early investment in education yields decades of enormous returns – in shared prosperity, in an expanded tax base, and in greater opportunities for everyone.

Now, as we work to recover from the pandemic, we need to move quickly and purposefully to help our public schools get back on track. Children and teachers will need additional resources to deal with the learning losses inflicted by the pandemic, as well as the mental health issues caused by these years of incredible stress.

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